Introduction to Aloha Shirts

The Vintage Aloha shirt is a celebration of the charm of old Hawaii. These vintage shirts captured the feel and pristine beauty of the islands.

Aloha shirts are “what to wear” while in Hawaii whether you are a tourist or a local. Still today, visitors wear the brightly colored Hawaiian shirts on the airplane when leaving the island as a “badge of honor” of their trip.

Many visitors from the golden age of Hawaii (1930 – 1950) brought back gifts of Aloha shirts to those not as fortunate to visit the islands. These shirts depicted scenes and activities that bring back memories of their visit such as ukuleles, fish, hula shows, fishing, rainbows, amazing flowers, canoeing, diamond head, tiki's, paddling, sailing and beautiful ocean scenes.

I have found that Aloha shirts can be very disarming by lightening the mood. It is hard to be angry or serious when wearing or looking at a vintage Aloha shirt.

My personal favorites are the old shirts with words that read like advertisements for Hawaii and are in bright colors such as red and yellow. When wearing one of these shirts, you are a walking billboard advertising Hawaii.

The value of a Vintage shirt from Hawaii will depend on the material, the condition, rarity, size and manufacturer. Some of the more popular manufacturers include: Alii Lole, Andrade, Artvogue, Ashfield, Campus, Catalina, Diamondhead Sportswear, Duke Kahanamoku, Hale Hawaii, Hawaiian Surf, HoAloha, Hookano, Iolani, Jantzen, Kahala, Kamehameha, Kilohana, Kramer's, Kuonakakai, Lauhala, Liberty House, Made in California, Made in Hawaii, Malihini, McGregor, McInerny's, Musashiya, Nani, OkolehaoPali, Paradise Sportswear, Penneys, Pilgrim, Polynesian Sportswear, Ross Sutherland, Royal Hawaiian, Shaheen's, Surfriders Sportswear and Waikiki Sports. Most collectors prefer the old rayon shirts that have a silky feel. They are called "silkies", but are made of rayon. Because of their demand, rayon shirts usually have the highest value. However, the earliest aloha shirts were from the 1930's and were made from silk.

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