Why Buy Vintage Hawaiian Aloha Shirts?

The goal of the Vintage-Aloha-Shirts.com website is to educate the buyer as demand for high end vintage Hawaiian shirts grows. Here you can learn some of the rich history and what makes some of these shirts so collectible. Hawaiian “Aloha” shirts have seen exponential growth in popularity and are now commonly worn in places other than Hawaii, California and Florida.

In the past, wearing a Hawaiian shirt made you stand out in the crowd. Your shining personality was reflected in the bright colors and designs on your shirt. Aloha shirts can now be found almost everywhere and are worn in many workplaces on the mainland. Incredibly, Aloha shirts have become standard business attire at the workplace in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, many of the newer “mass produced” shirts look similar. If you want to wear something truly unique, a Vintage Aloha shirt may be answer. Only a few vintage aloha shirts have survived from the glory days of old Hawaii. Our original Vintage shirts from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s are true works of wearable art and some are incredibly rare. No one else will be wearing a shirt like your authentic vintage shirt from the Vintage-Aloha-Shirts.com website. Nearly one hundred of the shirts in our collection have been photographed and published in books on Vintage Aloha Shirts - see a few of the shirts in the "Published Shirts" section of the website for more details.

Over time, our shirts have increased in value, rarity and demand.  With proper care, yours will also.