Roos / Atkins 1957

Roos / Atkins 1957
This print was sold under a few labels such as Ross Sutherland, McInerny's, Kahala and the Duke Kahanamoku brand. This one has the Roos / Atkins California label which was formed in 1957 by the merger between Robert Atkins and the Roos brothers based in California. This late 1950's woman's vintage aloha shirt has a print that is called "OKOLE MALUNA" meaning "bottoms up" and was designed by Kahala's Nancy Hogan. Anzai, the bartender at the Outrigger Canoe Club, showed Nancy various house drinks which Nancy sketched and painted to create this cool horizontal one way shirt design. It has all of the cool Hawaiian drinks in red, chartreuse and dark green on a sand background with names like SCORPION, ZOMBIE, BANANA COW, AHI LAVA, KAMAAINA, KAUA BOWL, FLAMING LAGOON and more! It has a perfectly matched pocket, plastic bamboo shoot buttons and neckloop. Size not marked, but it measures in inches - Shoulders 16, Chest 21, Length 28 and Sleeves 11. Excellent condition with a couple of light smudge marks and light discoloration in the armpits. Made from Sanforized, color fast cotton.
Roos / Atkins California