Made in Hawaii 1226

Made in Hawaii 1226
Normally seen bearing the Iolani brand label, this Made in Hawaii brand late 1950's vintage Aloha shirt is simply stunning. It has the coveted black background with a Hawaiian landscape showing palm trees, Acacia trees, waterfalls, mountains and ferns. The bright red and orange colors contrast nicely against the more subdued greens. It features a perfectly matched pocket, bamboo buttons, neckloop and vertical button holes. Marked EXTRA LARGE, measuring in inches - Shoulders 20, Chest 26, Length 30 and Sleeves 10. Excellent condition - no noticeable defects. This exact shirt was photographed and published in the December 2017 issue of COASTAL LIVING magazine. The two page spread can be seen on pages 26-27 by going to: https://www.coastalliving.com/lifestyle/vintage-aloha-shirts-casual-friday
Made in Hawaii
Crepe Rayon
Extra Large