Alii Lole 1450

Alii Lole 1450
Mid-1950's vintage Aloha shirt from Ali'i Lole, meaning Royalty Clothing. This one has long sleeves which usually are worn in Winter in Hawaii or on more formal occasions. On the light blue background there are images of beach scenes, Diamond Head and the tower at Rodgers Airport. In the foreground, dark blue leaning palm trees with yellow coconuts. It features a perfectly matched pocket, bamboo buttons, neckloop and horizontal button holes. Marked Extra Large, measuring in inches - Shoulders 20, Chest 25, Length 30 and Sleeves 24. Very Good condition with a few condition issues: some fade, collar ring, several small sports, three light areas, two professional repairs where darts were sewn to eliminate holes. See detail photos. Low price reflects condition.
Alii Lole
Extra Large
Very Good