Surf 'n Sand 1406

Surf \'n Sand 1406

This is 1950's vintage Aloha shirt fabric made by Alfred Shaheen under the Surf 'n Sand label. The name of this print is "PUA LANI PAREAU" and was handprinted by the Master himself. Bright ORANGE with the classic pareau print flowers. Measuring 37 by 62 inches, there is enough to make one aloha shirt or it would make a great wall hanging. The fabric has one finished edge.

"My favorite design is the Pua Lani Pareau. Like the Tiare Tapa, the Pua Lani Pareau has been reproduced indiscriminately by clothing manufacturers for decades. Although a contemporary Hawaiian shirt company has renamed the print and uses it as its signature print, the Pua Lani Pareau will always be an Alfred Shaheen original. The Pua Lani Pareau is the most famous Hawaiian print in history -- it is synonymous with the Hawaiian mystique and a visual representation of Hawaii throughout the world." - Camille Shaheen (daughter of Alfred Shaheen) 2010, GlamourSplash

Surf 'n Sand by Alfred Shaheen