Paradise Products 1148

Paradise Products 1148
Super rare. Super fragile. I have only seen two of these ever and you can own one. 1960's vintage nylon reinforced PAPER aloha shirt by Paradise Products - Hong Kong. Yes, you saw that correctly - PAPER. The tag on this is hilarious - and my lawyers made sure that I tell you what it says - "This material is fire resistant unless washed or dry cleaned. Then it becomes dangerously flammable when dry." It has a cool red and tan floral print. It features a left chest patch pocket and clear plastic buttons. Marked Medium, measuring in inches - Shoulders 18, Chest 22, Length 28 and Sleeves 8. DEADSTOCK condition. New old stock. Never worn. "Still in the plastic" new. A friend of mine has a theory that these were given out by the airlines to people with lost luggage...... again just a theory but it makes sense. Why else would you want a paper aloha shirt? Because your collection would not be complete without one...... just sayin'. Good luck finding another one....
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