Proper Care of Aloha Shirts

Washing - Never machine wash or machine dry your shirt from Dry clean or hand wash only. If you choose to hand wash, it should be done using in a gentle detergent then hang dry. Do not wring the garment. Always unbutton the aloha shirt before washing to relieve stress on the buttons and button holes. Always use padded hangers when hanging.

Storing - The best way is to store your vintage shirt is to wrap them in acid free tissue paper and store them in a box in a cool dry place. Another way to store shirts is on a padded hanger in a cool dry closet with no light. However, this is not possible here in Hawaii due to the high humidity and pests. The humidity will lead to foxing and mold. We store all of our shirts in vacuum sealed bags after wrapping them in acid free paper. We also add a silica gel pack to draw the moisture away from the shirt. Remember that heat, light and moisture are enemies of aloha shirts.